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Mitta Norath has Engineered, Produced & mixed a great number of Bands & Artist,

spanning multiple genres, disciplines & locations.

Some of these artists include:

Endless Heights, Eat your heart out, Majora, Staunch, Coma Lies, Else Majesty, Liberties,

The venom Lips, Honest Crooks, The Pitts, Seaside

and Atlas Young, many of which enjoys regular radio air play.

Mitta is known, not only for his dedication to the work, but also for producing high quality and meticulously detailed recordings.

Mitta Norath, a well seasoned veteran of his craft, believes in making music that has meaning, that is immersed in creative truth, that will ultimately reach global audience. He is very knowledgeable and ver collaborative, character traits that are a rarity in an industry that can, at times be very ego-centric. Mitta is able to combat such qualities through his wonderfully infectious upbeat attitude, drive, dedication, making for great tracks and fun times.

a select band roster:

Endless Heights

Eat your heart out

Majora, Staunch

Coma Lies

Lese Majesty


The venom Lips

Honest Crooks

The Pitts


Atlas Young

Equipment Used:

Perlman TM-1 

Shure 57 and sm7b

EV RE20 

OPR Grill & Rockest Chandler TG2, 

Purple Audio MC77, 

Adam A8X 

Dynamix 3000 console and Euphonic controllers.

Native Instruments Komplete 11

Steinberg Cubase Pro

Fender Jaguar

Fender Telecaster

Fender Stratocaster

Fender P Bass

Ludwig 1969 Drum Kit

Cole Clark Acoustic

Roland Midi A-49

Akai MPK 49 Midi

Apple OSX

No witnesses mix tape vol .1

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