Robert Roworth

the writer | Director | Producer | editor 

Born in Australia, Robert Roworth is a Sydney | New York based Writer, Director, Actor & Producer working with some of the most cutting-edge and talented individuals in the entertainment industry. 

'No Witnesses' marks Roberts Feature length directorial debut.

Robert has taken his love of story and characterization, intertwined it with his respect for genre, continued his breathtaking visuals and created a wonderful piece of cinematic entertainment.

Dubbed, ‘the filmmaker’s producer’ - Robert is a creative first and foremost which enables him to realise both the writer and director’s dream... whether it be an 1850’s period drama or an international political spy thriller, Robert is able to exhibit a strong, artistic sensibility into every production. These qualities honed from his years as an actor on the Stage. 

A graduate of the Australian Academy of Dramatic Art, Robert was able to develop his craft and work with some of Australia’s leading theatrical talent. 

A current Beverly Hills Playhouse member, Robert is constantly honing his craft, with a drive and passion that is unmatched, armed with an intelligence that only a seasoned artist can possess. 

It has been said that Robert has an incredibly high rate of function when performing comedy, interpreting material and has a wit that holds him in good stead amongst the most talented satirists of this modern era. 

As a producer, Robert Roworth is ‘material’ driven, with a solid reputation for presentation and quality, his portfolio of active projects both in the US and the UK, sits well with those at the ‘business end’ of Show business.

Directors Statement

No Witnesses, apart from being wonderfully entertaining and engaging, is what happens when you stay the course, believe in what you are doing, commit to the very end of your process, surround yourself with folks who, not only believe in and support you, but who challenge you, 

excite you and most of all have fun with you.

The way in which this project sees the light of day in its current form, quite simply put, friends coming together and doing it, for love of process, for love of cinema and always for love of the game!

Ridley Scott has been championing, 'Go out on the weekend and make a film with your friends, there is no excuses'. These are the words of wisdom that spur me on as a creative. Go out there and do it. 256 days, $5,000 later.. Here we are. I hope you enjoy 'No Witnesses'


- Robert Roworth 

Writer | Director & Producer - No Witnesses (2018).

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