Sebastian Kaczorowski


Sebastian Kaczorowski sees the world in Frame Rate’s, Shutter-Speed’s and ISO’s! Which is to say that this Cinematographer is seldom seen without some sort of view finder in hand. The art of photography is something that Sebastian has lived, breathed and pursued since early childhood.

Sebastian maintained a passion for filming, he loves being behind the camera, there is a great symbiotic process that he undergoes once he’s rolling. 

Throughout his formative years, Sebastian was involved in multiple video shoots, collaborating with fellow artists & close friends.


His passion for shooting celluloid developed into something more when he left school.

Sebastian obtained his Diploma in Screen from the NSW TAFE Institute. During his education he was able to further develop and isolate very specific skill sets, as well as learning the different areas and roles in the film industry, thus expanding his knowledge in Sound Production and Editing.

The Bio:

In 2016 Sebastian was the Cinematographer for his first Short length Film drama ‘WARRIORS’, it was then followed by the stylish crime drama ‘THAT FELLA IN THE TUTTI FRUTTI HAT’, his first collaboration with Writer | Director Robert Roworth. 

2017 & 2018 has seen Sebastian as Director of Photography for his third short film, ‘TINT’ which was shortlisted for Tropfest 2018 and ‘NO WITNESSES’, the second collaboration with

Writer | Director Robert Roworth.

Sebastian’s passion, enthusiasm & determination to show stories and to evoke emotions, drives him to do better each time he gets behind the lens.

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